Taste with Chef Igor Martinho

Adega do Cartaxo has established a partnership with one of Portugal’s best chefs, Chef Igor Martinho. In 2009, Igor was named Portugal’s best chef. The Mãe Luísa restaurant in Arrouquelas astounds its customers every day with its local flavours and has already won over admirers and food critics.

In this partnership, Adega sees the opportunity to create a perfectly harmonious relationship between outstanding cuisine and high-quality wines – our wines!



200 g of filo pastry
1 bread and garlic sausage
30 g of butter

Remove the sausage from its skin and roll the sausage meat into little balls, each weighing around 35 g.
Roll out the pastry, fold the end of the filo pastry into the centre and spread butter over the remaining area. Roll up the sausage in half of the pastry and then use the pastry at the sides to close up the sausage. Spread on more butter and then roll up the sausage in the rest of the pastry to form a roll. Place in the oven to brown for 5 minutes and serve with a drizzle of olive oil and salt.

Winemaker’s suggestion BRIDÃO CLASSIC WHITE