Cartaxo Winery

Founded in 1954 by a group of 22 partners, Adega Cooperativa do Cartaxo is rooted in a region with a strong wine-growing tradition where historical references to the practice date back to before the tenth century. Until 1974, Adega was based at the facilities of the former Junta Nacional do Vinho (currently the IVV, or the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho). Since then, it has operated out of its current facilities, always investing in ways of strengthening its human and technological resources to improve the quality of its wine.

Continually investing in its human and technological resources to improve the quality of its wine, Adega do Cartaxo occupies an area of around 800 hectares and produces around 10 million litres per year. Red wines represent around 70% of this output, forming part of a vast and varied range of bottled wines.

Since 1954, Adega Cooperativa do Cartaxo has taken pride in its values, which are based on the premise “the taste of time well spent”.

The ever-increasing strength of its human and technological resources enable it to produce high-quality wine.

The viticultural region of Tejo includes the sub-region of Cartaxo. For this reason, the designations Vinho Regional and DOC do Tejo are given to Adega do Cartaxo’s wines.

Genuine, classic and authentic, Adega do Cartaxo’s wines are of the highest quality, winning the appreciation of true wine lovers.

Our vision is to become a landmark company in the sector, aiming to maintain a sustainable approach to the surrounding environment.

Our mission is to produce and sell high-quality wine that is recognised and valued by consumers. We also aim to publicise and promote the culture of our region and country.

Our values are based on quality, culture, rigour, ethics and respect.


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