Ultimate Beverage Challenge

Ultimate Beverage Challenge

O Vinho Bridão Private Coollection 2015 conquistou 96 pontos

“VISUAL: Opaque, black with purple edge.

AROMA: Wow, intensely plummy, jammy and ambrosial in the most pleasant and alluring manner; thisaroma is all about blackberry jam.

FLAVOR: The blackberry jam aspect continues in spades in the aroma as it turns more bitter than the aroma led one to believe but that’s a good development as the taste profile becomes dense and deep; all sorts of dried black fruits are present.

FINISH: Long, peppery, a little toasty, acidic but not sharp; delicious, fruity, and balanced.”

O Vinho Coudel Mor Reserva 2014 conquistou 92 pontos

“VISUAL: Dense, opaque, black as midnight color.

AROMA: The opening aroma is a bit muted, but then it opens up with flowers (carnation), loose-leaf tobacco, damp vegetation, wet forest, mushrooms, damp earth.

FLAVOR: Heavy tannins are present right from the start, making for a high degree of mouth-puckering; then the flavor mellows out, giving off deep tastes of sour candy, citric acid, and black pepper.

FINISH: Medium long, earthy, vegetal, dry as a bone, intensely grapy at the final moment.”


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